Monday, January 18, 2010

93rd and LAST email from France

Hey are you there? We are at the mission bureau. It’s so fun being here with all the ones I came out with. We are having a good time! I just finished my interview and I’ve been trying to throw out all the things I’m not going to need because my bags weigh a little too much. I don’t want write a lot. I’ll see you tomorrow! I’m really excited about coming home- everyone is. Also, do you know if they will weigh my carry-on bag?? I hope not!

Monday, January 11, 2010

92nd email from France (Albi)

Hey Everyone,
We had a good week, lots of snow! Everyone is acting a little crazy about it all but it is cool because from what I hear it doesn’t snow very often in the area. We spent the whole weekend in Toulouse which was really fun. We did an exchange starting Friday night but when we were ready to go back to Albi the trains were all canceled and we were stuck there. The branch president called to tell us that church was canceled in Albi so we decided to stay in Toulouse because they were still able to have church but it was still just one hour and not alot of people came. I guess it was alot easier for them because alot of people come on the metro and there is a stop not too far from the church. We finally got back to Albi around six but even for that train we had to wait around for a long time because the first one we wanted to take was canceled. So this week we had a really cool miracle and found a really cool family. So Wednesday we had to go to Toulouse for our zone formation meeting. We had set a rendez vous in a town called Castre for just after so instead of going back to Albi from Toulouse we headed to Castre. About half way through our train stops at a station in a little town called Lavour and from what they told everyone it wouldn’t restart so everyone had to get off of the train and they called busses to come and pick up all of the passengers to bring them the rest of the way. While waiting for the bus everyone was lined up outside and we started casually talking to the people around us. There was one really nice family, well it was a younger couple, a younger kid then an older lady. After about ten minutes the lady asked us if there was still a church in Castes. We told her where it was in Albi and that the church in Castres had been closed for a few years. She said she was baptized about twenty years ago in the north of France and was never even put into our member records here in Albi. Her son was really young when she was active in the church but is now very open and interested to talk to us. We have already taught them one time and hopefully again this week. The rendez vous went super well and they were happy to follow the engagements we left them. The coolest part is that they really see that it wasn’t by chance that our train broke down and we met each other anyways. They are already progressing well and seem to love everything the church teaches. Me and Elder Newell were pretty excited because the last few weeks have been a little slow even though we have been working really hard. So I only have one week left. It’s really weird to think about. I am really excited to see all y’all again and also I’m excited to see Saudi Arabia, and Chelsea.
I went shopping again today but I didn’t really buy very much. It’s hard to explain there isn’t much here that you can’t buy anywhere else, it just costs alot more here. I would love to buy a bunch of really French stuff but its hard cause it’s just as modern here as anywhere else. I’ll buy some nice chocolate and maybe some cheese if I can. Love y’all, Taylor

Monday, January 4, 2010

91st email from France (Albi)

Hey Everyone,
Piper is finally here, that’s exciting! She’s cute. But it's kinda weird to think that Ivy had a baby and I am now an uncle cause I haven’t really been there. I am excited for that though. This week was good. We had a few really long days but it’s good to say we worked hard. Everything is going good- it’s starting to set in that I don’t have that much time left and that I’ll be with yall again soon. It doesn’t really bother me during the week though just during emails and preparation days. Elder Newell is doing pretty good keeping me concentrated. I did an exchange with Elder Hill, my old comp from Toulouse, and we just talked about home all day so that made me realize how much Newell is helping me stay focused. We have alot of stuff to do the next two weeks so that will make them go by fast. Wednesday we are in Toulouse then again for an exchange this weekend and also we are doing another exchange with the Montauban elders Tuesday of next week. So with all that, wow it’s all kind of unreal. Everything I did before I came to France seems like a big pre-existence memory. I am excited to go back to normal life though. Well, I’ve said enough about going home I guess. I do still have two weeks. Church was good again. There weren’t many people there. Actually alot of people haven’t come since the Arnolds left. I hope it’s not for that same reason. We would love to go out and see all the people they saw and taught but it’s just not possible without a car. We’re trying to start working with members though even though its hard. This week we didn’t really see any members since at church the Sunday before which kind of makes for a lonely week but we have a few things planned for the next few days so I hope that all works out. The New Year’s pictures look cool. Everyone is so much different.
I don’t have any pictures today but I think I’ll just make you wait. Also, I have tons you haven’t seen on memory cards but don’t get too excited, I think I sent most of the good ones!
I’ll see you soon! Love y’all, Taylor

Monday, December 28, 2009

90th email from France (Albi)

Hey Everyone, Ok, so this week was pretty good, I guess. Christmas went well. It felt like another normal week but I guess that’s better and it helped us stay focused- something that is becoming a little harder every day. Church was only two hours again. There just weren’t enough people to do all the lessons. Thankfully we had a couple from the stake that came. When we started it was only us and them and the branch president’s family but then a few others came. I’m excited for next week because everyone should be off vacation and at church.
I really liked talking to y’all! The pictures you sent yesterday- everyone looks so much bigger and grown up. It’s going to be really weird to be there with everyone again but it’s coming fast!
I’m not sure what we will be doing this week. We have our district meeting tomorrow morning here in Albi then Elder Hill and I are going to do an exchange so that will be fun. If you remember he was the one I trained before I left the bureau. Normally we work for the last three hours of p-day but recently president told us that we could to it earlier in the day cause at night it gets dark so much earlier. So that’s what we did today. It’s a pretty good feeling to know we will be relaxing for the rest of the day.
So I don’t have a whole lot to say. We talked about so much stuff when I called.
Does Dustin work at the snowball place? In the picture he had one of those shirts on. If so, that’s cool. Daniel looks alot older also. My camera is out of batteries so I can’t send any pictures. I don’t think I took many this week anyways. Sorry this email isn’t very much but I just told you everything on the phone!
Love y’all, Taylor

Monday, December 21, 2009

89th email from France (Albi)

Hey everyone, I hope you had a good trip to Arkansas and you can make it back without any problems. We had a good week here even though it was pretty hard. We are having a really tough time seeing our amis. It seems like everyone kinda has the same idea of just come by after the holidays which I can understand but it just leaves us without very much to do. I think we went this whole week without really seeing any members or anyone else from church. We’re just kinda in our little world here but we’re doing pretty good trying to have some Christmas cheer and not think too much about home. It’s kinda hard though. It’s been cold. We actually had a few days of snow which was cool, I liked it. Anyways, church was kinda different. We got there and instead of the forty or fifty that normally come there were less than twenty. I don’t know where everyone was- even the people giving talks didn’t show up so we did a little sacrament meeting and testimony thing. Then after that we kinda realized that the teachers weren’t there either so we had one combined class then ended after two hours- kinda funny but it was fun because everyone stayed after and talked. Anyways, we don’t have many plans for Christmas the 24th. We will go to the church at six to eat with the branch president and his family but that about it. Also, Wednesday we have zone conference. It should be fun- it’s my last one so ill get to kinda bear testimony and talk for a while. It’s what we do every time for the ones going home, I just never thought it would be me. I’ll have to think about what I’m gonna say. Also we are going caroling somewhere in town. That should be pretty cool just cause there will be so many of us together also we are having a talent show after just to kinda celebrate Christmas. At first there wasn’t anyone who wanted so sign up so finally we all gave in and said we could do something even if we didn’t think our talents were very cool. I’m gonna juggle then Elder Newel is gonna sing a Christmas song even though he isn’t really a singer also I talked Elder Call- he’s in the district but in Montauban- I talked him into standing on his head, also Elder Scott is going to do sit-ups to the beat of a old classical music song that should be funny. So for our Christmas calls- I think we will just do them from the church since we don’t have anywhere else to go. I’ll probably call around 4, 5 or 6 which should be just Christmas morning in Louisiana and I guess if mom is already in Minnesota then I can just do two calls. Y’all seem to be doing alot of shopping- don’t forget about me! I’ll need alot of stuff when I get back! Love y’all, Taylor

Monday, December 14, 2009

88th letter from France (Albi)

Hello Everyone, So this week was pretty good. It went by really fast which is kinda scary cause I only have five more! It’s starting to get really cold, actually today it’s been snowing since we woke up this morning. It’s not been really sticking cause its not cold enough. Maybe it will snow alot for Christmas- I would like that. Someone last night told us it was going to start getting colder and colder every day for the next few weeks so we’ll see. Today we went and bought a Christmas tree for our apartment. We haven’t really decorated it yet but we probably will later. Hopefully we can find some lights for it. Already Albi has all the Christmas decorations around town so its a little more cheerful.
This week we were walking down the road and this huge islander guy was yelling and waving us down. We stopped and he’s from Tonga and served his mission in California. He’s really cool and has been here for like a year playing for the rugby team. We showed him where the church was and he came Sunday so that was cool. We’re gonna see him again Wednesday. He knows Timani. Most people from Tonga always seem to somehow know each other so I asked. His name is Mate but it’s not how you would say it more like ‘mah tay’. He’s really cool- too bad he’s been inactive for so long. He could have helped the branch a lot! France does that to people. Other than that, this week was pretty normal. I did another exchange with Elder Scott- that was fun even though we didn’t have much to do- just alot of walking and contacting.
It’s becoming pretty hard to not think about home! Time is going by pretty fast. Hearing you talking about seeing everyone at home really makes me really want to be there. Tonight we have our soirée familial at a member’s house. We talked to a guy last night that really should come. We talked to him for about an hour. He is Buddhist so it was kind of an interesting conversation but at the end we invited him to come and we fixed a rendez vous for 18h45 at the same place we were last night. Then we will walk to the member’s house together so that’s cool. I hope he is there. We have our district meeting tomorrow. We used to go to Montauban cause we had the Arnolds but now I told everyone just to come to Albi. After me and Elder Blosil are gonna do an exchange. We actually were able to fix a rendez vous with a guy me and him contacted like two weeks ago when we worked together. I’m excited about that. So the guy that was coming to the fhe, Jean Christophe, just called saying he couldn’t and I guess he didn’t really have a fixed adresse here in Albi so he’s gone for good- ahh- just another day.
Yeah well, we have to go. Thanks for your email. I’m so excited to talk to y’all on Christmas then to see you soon after that!! Love y’all, Taylor

Thursday, December 10, 2009

87th email from France (Albi)

Hey Everyone,
Ok wow- well what a day. I’m emailing from Toulouse. We had to wake up early to get our train around seven. Elder Butler got the call Friday that he would be going to Angouleme which is on the western side above Bordeaux. He was pretty excited. I know he was kind of tired of Albi after three transfers. I’m here with the zone leaders now but I’ll be picking up my new colleague, Elder Newell, around five then we head back to Albi. When we get there we’re not gonna have any time really because we will have to go from the train station straight to the church for our soirée familial. Then I guess we will have to walk back with his bags either later tonight or come get them tomorrow morning. I’m pretty excited about the new comp though, everyone has just said how cool he is. I’ve only met him for a few minutes a few months ago but I think it’s gonna be cool. He’s from California but I don’t know much more that that. This week was good. Saturday night we had a huge party at the church for the Arnolds. I guess they are gone now. They called us for something this morning but by now I think they are on their way home. They were pretty ready to go see their family by the end but they still worked hard. They helped us so much. I think it’s gonna be alot harder now with them not here but we will be ok at least I’m with someone cool. This week I did an exchange with Elder Scott. It went really well. It was kinda cool working together again but being alot older and better at what we do- kinda more experienced, I guess. It’s kinda weird to think about but after today our group will be the oldest in the mission. That’s super weird to think about. Today at the bureau was strange cause all the ones leaving today are the ones just one group older than us in the mtc. I'll tell Elder Page Whitney got his letter. I’m sure in a few days she can talk to him on face book.
oh la I can’t believe your gonna be home soon. It seems like you were just there. I guess I will be home pretty soon- crazy.
Yeah, for my ear- I finally called Soeur Carter about it cause it was still bugging me- not hurting at all but just kind of plugged up so today the doctor from Germany for Europe called me and he just emailed me a prescription that I will have to go to a pharmacy to get filled. So I’ll do that today and hopefully it will go away. He did kinda act like it was a big deal cause he said it could get worse. I’m hoping the medicine will take care of it.
Really I don’t need anything for Christmas, maybe if you want to send some cards or something but don’t pay for posting or anything. There isn’t anything at all that I really need and I’ll be home so soon after that. I would just have to bring back what you would send me and I already have way too much stuff!
Ok, have a good week and a safe trip home. Send some pics with Sulphur people. See ya soon! Love y'all, Taylor